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Technology meets tradition

If slats meet stars, there is lasting enjoyment. That´s how it is at one of the best spa resorts in Germany with a long tradition. Traube Tonbach covers its outdoor pool with grando and shows thereby that it focuses on the well-being of its guests and the environment.

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A safe start to the new season!

20160206_075546 - Kopie How often do I take an iron with me when travelling and use the time before boarding to smooth down my laundry? And who doesn’t always have a power drill in their hand luggage, smuggling it through security and then drilling a few holes in the walls of the departure lounge. And all passengers have a microwave, toaster and kettle with them, don’t they?

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Super sopra partners

THANKS to sopra for hosting the annual spring meeting

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Carnival at Kremlin Palace

Aqua-therm Moscow has been a great success! Thanks to all visitors and partners!

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Christmas Time – packaging time

Snow blanket, cap, gift-wrapping paper: all of these are “packaging” characteristic of the winter and Christmas season. And “pool packaging”? Like a cap, it keeps warm and like wrapping paper, it lends an elegant appearance. In addition, it protects the water from soiling in the same way as the snow blanket protects the plants sitting underneath from frosty winds. But this is not only true in the winter season but throughout the entire year.

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When uncle and nephew …

A commercial for toffees says: “And now I am the grandfather…” Even though I am not a grandfather yet, at least I am an uncle. In keeping with the tradition of a family enterprise, the next generation is growing up gradually and joining our business.

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Pool Plus plus private standard

When pumps, pool covers and polyester basins are discussed at one and the same table, a board meeting is being held at bsw. Every year, the expanded association board meets for its strategy session. This time, the destination was Hamburg and one focus topic was the Pool Plus bsw campaign. Do you join it?

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Our customers are as diverse as our covers

Those who discontinue their education do not make money and are therefore not “pool customers”. But what about Facebook founder and college dropout Mark Zuckerberg?

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aquanale 2015

People, pool covers and a piano

Thank you for visiting us at aquanale in Cologne!

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aquanale 2015: the show

Welcome to grando!

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