BSW_0050It cosies up, cushions you, is here to stay for the long term, and it dims well. It ensures cleanliness. It is always there for you. And it does not waste your money. The perfect woman?

No, a grando cover.

Whichever corners and edges the pool may have, the tailor-made grando cover adjusts to them. It shades the water and leaves algae and other microorganisms no chance to grow. It preserves the heat in the pool so that it consumes less energy. Up to 80 percent less. Produced with German quality workmanship and sealed by hand, grando is durable for a very long time. Sometimes even longer than its owner. The grando roller cover can be designed in such a way that in emergencies, it can carry a person. Leaves, branches and other dirt stay outside. Cold water is the result. And because all details are documented with a grando from the outset, an all-round service is guaranteed. Even after many years.