20160206_075546 - Kopie How often do I take an iron with me when travelling and use the time before boarding to smooth down my laundry? And who doesn’t always have a power drill in their hand luggage, smuggling it through security and then drilling a few holes in the walls of the departure lounge. And all passengers have a microwave, toaster and kettle with them, don’t they?

You might start having these thoughts if you look at this sign (seen at a mobile phone charging point at a gate in Moscow’s Domodedowo Airport). Yes, some warning signs seem to be absurd. But maybe others are useful? Our thoughts are free. But from this swimming season on, the swimming pool constructor is no longer quite so free, when it comes to providing information to his customers. Pictograms have also invaded our industry. Swimming pool constructors must now recommend that with immediate effect their customers attach the following warning signs in close proximity to their swimming pool.


In addition, the new European DIN EN 16582 standard for privately used swimming pools prescribes further safety instructions, which could look like this proposal. In order for you to be on the safe side, make sure your customer countersigns the instructions that he has read and understood them. Have a great start to the new season!