grando goes east

We are going to Moscow in February. This is not the best time of year to travel to the Russian capital. It is when snow and sleet, icy wind and an overcast sky characterise the city scenery. But it is not a recreational trip anyway.

In this year as well, grando is represented again at the international trade fair, the aqua-therm, in Moscow. Stefan Richartz and Carsten Conrady represent our company and they are looking forward to making many new contacts.

PhotoFunia-4f3e045_oThis time, it starts even earlier. Both of them want to use the trip to conduct a customer training session before the kick-off of the trade fair. Visas have been requested, the hotel is booked. Almost everything is ready now – but not quite yet. Be sure to pack warm boots and thick socks. And if in doubt, also pack a few clothes-pegs to hang up snow-soaked clothes for drying.

Have a good trip!


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